Dimitris Peretzis

Dimitris Peretzis

Dimitri Peretzi received his degree in Architecture from Yale University, where he also did graduate work in Philosophy. In 1970 he met Lord Pentland and worked with his New York groups, before he returned to Athens and started Intekta SA, the  prefabrication company which was to become the largest in the country.  He remained in close contact with Lord Pentland until 1984. In 1980 he met Madame De Salzman in Paris and stayed in contact with her until she passed on.

Since 1976 Mr. Dimitri Peretzi is the head of Gurdjieff Foundation of Greece and has helped conduct Work meetings in Paris, New York, London and Amsterdam.

Over the years, an intense effort has been made for the Study of All and Everything, an Index of the special terms of which is made public both in English and in Greek in our website, www.gurdjieff.org.gr. Currently, concentrated attention is being given to the study of Mme de Salzman’s texts.

He is the author of several books, all related to the Gurdjieff Work.


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