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The Gurdjieff Foundation of Greece

Since 1976 Dimirtis Peretzis has been the head of the Gurdjieff Foundation of Greece and has also helped organize working meetings in Paris, New York, London and Amsterdam.

The Foundation activities include continuous Group Meetings, Movement classes taught by Maria Peretzi and periods of Special Work. The Foundation has translated into Greek and supervised the publication of Gurdjieff's books, as well as Mrs. de Salzman's "The Reality of Being" and Ouspensky's "In Search of the Miraculous".

Over the years, an intense effort has been made for the Study of All and Everything, an Index of the special terms of which is published in both English and Greek on our website, www. At present, concentrated attention is given to the study of Mrs. de Salzman's texts.

Closely connected with the Gurdjieff Foundation of Greece is the theater group RODA, founded in 1991 and since then led by Maria Peretzi. Group scenes widely attended theatrical performances, drawing their repertoire from the sacred myths of our world society, and held musical concerts, presenting the music of Gurdjieff-de Hartmann. You can see his activities on our blog. or 


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