The Self and I

Indentity and the question "who am I" in the Gurtjieff Work

The Self and I
Dimitris Peretzis
Publisher3 ALPHA
Date of PublicationJanuary 2009
Number of pages280
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CoverSoft cover
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English Edition

Man’s spiritual struggle can be seen as his effort to leave behind the fragmented world of the “I, his usual  ego, and move toward the unity of the Self. The realization of this possibility involves one’s identity to be shaped, not by everyday social images, but by the need felt in the body, to develop a connection with the direct sensation of existence and stay in touch with it.

Based on the guidance he received through his extensive contact with major Gurdjieff pupils, Mr. Peretzi deals in this book with the question of “who am I”, which confronts those who tread the arduous path that leads from “living by personality” to ‘living by essence”. He presents aspects of the Fourth Way Teaching in ways that are compatible, both with contemporary ideas developed in the field of the Philosophy of Mind, and with data about  the functioning of the brain that have been accumulated over the last decades through scientific research and observation.

Dimitri Peretzi received his degree in Architecture from Yale University, where he also did graduate work in Philosophy. In 1970 he met Lord Pentland and worked with his New York groups, before he returned to Athens and started Intekta SA, the  prefabrication company which was to become the largest in the country.  He remanide in clise contact with Lord Pentland until 1984. In 1980 he met Mme. De Salzman in Paris and stayed in contact with her until she passed on.

Since 1976 Mr. Peretzi is the head of Gurdjieff Foundation of Greece and has helped conduct Work meetings in Paris, New York, London and Amsterdam.

He is the author of several books, all related to the Gurdjieff Work.

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