The bicycles of Sophia Avenue

The bicycles of Sophia Avenue
Dimitris Peretzis
Release Date01-01-1987
Number of pages307
Dimensions21cm x 14cm
Cover illustrationMaria Peretzi
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.... Athens, the year 2092, one hundred years after the abolition of economic barriers among European countries. ..... The state is prospering, Greece is the richest province in the powerful and peaceful Western European Federation...

.....Yet, because of an accidental discovery, the Administration of the country comes to the realization that the population, the inhabitants are about to fall into a complete psychological deadlock: the influences they are subjected to are forever altering their Historical Identity and Consciousness! The nation is in danger!

... ...Immediate action is required. But the only man in the whole world suitable and able to understand what is happening and help them is a Bulgarian: Comrade Amiroff, the Party’s Psycho-Historian in Sofia. Greeks are forced to resort to him and seek his services....

...In this, his first work in novel form, Mr. Peretzi develops a contemporary reflection, extremely poignant and original.

Against the backdrop of an Urban and Political Utopia, and through the humour and humorous situations of a futuristic, yet very familiar world, coming to us from some “distant future” of Greece, the author attempts a profound Social Critique that strikes a chord with the reader....


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