Roda theatre Am I One or Many?

The practice of Gurdjieff's Work through Theatrical Experience

Roda theatre Am I One or Many?
Maria Peretzi
AuthorDimitris Gasparatos
Release Date2015
Number of pages381
Dimensions21cm x 14cm
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Few would admit that they are completely indifferent to any concept of spirituality, that it has no real meaning for them. But the question is, how much is spirituality worth to me? What do I do to look for her, what do I do to make her a part of my life?

The answer that the members of the RODA Group have given to these questions goes through the process of their participation in the consolidation of a living tradition of the Theater of the Sanctuary. Following the path opened by G. Gurdjieff, they deal with the Theater through the meditative practice of the teachings and exercises of the great Pontic Greek philosopher.

But how much is all this really? How truly spiritual are the activities in RODA and how real are the experiences of its members, those that appear in this book? How true are the recorded observations? How honestly have they been said? If the Work on the Self is not complete, man risks remaining a prey to his ego, teetering between delusion and insanity. Working with RODA is for those who can bear to see themselves impartially, objectively, as others see them, those who look at them from the outside.

Maria Peretzi

(from the back cover of the book)



The book explains the aim and aspirations of the Theater of the Sanctuary, the theatrical tradition that Roda has been creating since 1991 under the guidance of Mrs. Maria Peretzis: the actors explore the possibility of seeing themselves and their behavior objectively. In their pursuit of this, they come face to face with their standardized reactions and non-authentic images they have of the World, which block the way to the direct relationship they could have, both with their role in the theater and with the their own lives.

The Roda Theatre, as a pioneer, dares and makes a deep cut on the subject of spiritual development and its relationship with the theatrical experience. In the book "AM I ONE OR MANY?" which has just been released, the central questions regarding the personal obstacles encountered by the actor of the Theater of the Sanctuary but also, in general, the human being in his effort to exercise, to work internally, are posed without hesitation.

The texts of D. Gasparatos and the other members of the Roda Group who write in the book are rare testimonies of the spiritual struggle that the actor makes by following and applying practically the teaching of the great Greek philosopher George Georgiadis (Gurdzieff)

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