Toward Awakening

An Approach to the Teaching Brought by Gurdjieff

Toward Awakening
Jean Vaysse
TranslationDimitris Peretzis
Date of PublicationMai 2005
Number of pages192
Dimensions24cm x 17cm
CoverSoft cover
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Toward Awakening is a masterful introduction to the Fourth Way path of self-realization and an in-depth exposition of Gurdjieffian psychology and anthropology. A must for all students of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, and sure to be of benefit to all sincere seekers of truth and realization.

"For the growing number of people seeking to approach the ideas of Gurdjieff, Toward Awakening by Jean Vaysse offers reliable guidance, as well as evidence of the continuing vitality of this remarkable teaching. It may be counted as among the small handful of books that communicate something of what Gurdjieff brought." - Jacob Needleman

Jean Vaysse was born in Le Mans, France in 1917. An accomplished surgeon with a passion for life and for truth, he encountered the teachings of Gurdjieff in 1947. He studied with Gurdjieff and with Madame de Salzmann, helping to lead groups in Paris throughout the 1960s. He died in 1975.


  • Foreword by Jeanne de Salzmann
  • Glimpses of Truth
  • “When speaking on different subjects …”
  • “For an exact study, an exact language is needed …”
  • “Man is a plural being …”
  • One-sided development
  • “What is the method of the Institute?”
  • “Self-observation is very difficult …”
  • “How can we gain attention? …”
  • “Everyone is in great need of one particular exercise …”
  • “Every animal works according to its constitution …”
  • “For one section of the people here, their stay has become completely useless …”
  • Energy-sleep
  • “Is there a way of prolonging life? …”
  • The education of children
  • Formatory apparatus
  • Body, essence and personality
  • Essence and personality
  • Separation of oneself from oneself
  • The stop exercise
  • The three powers-economy
  • Experiments with breathing
  • First talk in Berlin
  • “All exercises … can be divided into seven categories …”
  • “As it is with everything, so it is with movements …”
  • The actor
  • Creative art-associations
  • Questions and answers on art, etc.
  • God the Word
  • “Everywhere and always there is affirmation and negation …”
  • “It is impossible to be impartial …”
  • “Everything in the world is material …”
  • Answer to a question about the difference between animate and inanimate
  • “Working on oneself is not so difficult as wishing to work …”
  • “To all my questions …”
  • “Now I am sitting here …”
  • The two rivers
  • “There are two kinds of love …”
  • “Has free will a place in your teaching? …”
  • Fears-identification
  • “Man is subject to many influences …”
  • “Liberation leads to liberation …”
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