The New Man

The New Man
Maurice Nicoll
Date of PublicationDecember 1989
Number of pages256
Dimensions21cm x 14cm
CoverSoft cover
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The central notion of all Sacred Texts is the inner evolution of man, that is, the utilization of a higher level of potentiality which lies within him, but is only accessible through a certain Teaching. For this purpose, the Sacred Texts over the centuries have been conveying this knowledge in a special and veiled language in which words are ascribed both an external and an internal meaning. In the New Testament, the parables and miracles of Jesus are written in this language, functioning as a bridge between the lower/outer and the higher/inner meaning. This language has long been forgotten by man, since he has been cut off from the source of the Teaching that used it. What does "water", "stone", "wine", "earth" "heaven" mean? How should the ideas of Temptation, Good, Wisdom, Justice or Praying be viewed? This and other topics are the subjects that Morris Nichol deals with insightfully in this book, seeking to bring to light part of that lost inner language which is intended to lead man to the highest level of his potentialities and become a New Man.


  • Foreword by Jeanne de Salzmann
  • Glimpses of Truth
  • “When speaking on different subjects …”
  • “For an exact study, an exact language is needed …”
  • “Man is a plural being …”
  • One-sided development
  • “What is the method of the Institute?”
  • “Self-observation is very difficult …”
  • “How can we gain attention? …”
  • “Everyone is in great need of one particular exercise …”
  • “Every animal works according to its constitution …”
  • “For one section of the people here, their stay has become completely useless …”
  • Energy-sleep
  • “Is there a way of prolonging life? …”
  • The education of children
  • Formatory apparatus
  • Body, essence and personality
  • Essence and personality
  • Separation of oneself from oneself
  • The stop exercise
  • The three powers-economy
  • Experiments with breathing
  • First talk in Berlin
  • “All exercises … can be divided into seven categories …”
  • “As it is with everything, so it is with movements …”
  • The actor
  • Creative art-associations
  • Questions and answers on art, etc.
  • God the Word
  • “Everywhere and always there is affirmation and negation …”
  • “It is impossible to be impartial …”
  • “Everything in the world is material …”
  • Answer to a question about the difference between animate and inanimate
  • “Working on oneself is not so difficult as wishing to work …”
  • “To all my questions …”
  • “Now I am sitting here …”
  • The two rivers
  • “There are two kinds of love …”
  • “Has free will a place in your teaching? …”
  • Fears-identification
  • “Man is subject to many influences …”
  • “Liberation leads to liberation …”
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