Vievs from the Real World Early Talks

Early Talks of Gurdjieff as Recollected by his Pupils

Vievs from the Real World Early Talks
George Gurdjieff
PublisherPyrinos Kosmos
Date of PublicationDecember 1984
Number of pages340
Dimensions21cm x 14cm
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First published in 1975, this book has established itself as an authentic source for those interested in Gurdjieff's ideas and his approach to practical "work on oneself". 

Views from the Real World is a collection of early talks by the spiritual leader G. I. Gurdjieff compiled by his students. The book has been collected from meeting notes during sessions in Moscow, Essentuki, Tiflis, Berlin, London, Paris, New York, and Chicago by his pupils. The first part of the book is the text: Glimpses of Truth – an account written by one of his Russian pupils, just before the revolution. This is the first—and probably the only one—of a series of essays on Gurdjieff’s ideas which he accepted that members of his circle in Moscow in 1914 should write. The author is not known. The second part is called Talks and is later sessions mainly from Western Europe.


  • Foreword by Jeanne de Salzmann
  • Glimpses of Truth
  • “When speaking on different subjects …”
  • “For an exact study, an exact language is needed …”
  • “Man is a plural being …”
  • One-sided development
  • “What is the method of the Institute?”
  • “Self-observation is very difficult …”
  • “How can we gain attention? …”
  • “Everyone is in great need of one particular exercise …”
  • “Every animal works according to its constitution …”
  • “For one section of the people here, their stay has become completely useless …”
  • Energy-sleep
  • “Is there a way of prolonging life? …”
  • The education of children
  • Formatory apparatus
  • Body, essence and personality
  • Essence and personality
  • Separation of oneself from oneself
  • The stop exercise
  • The three powers-economy
  • Experiments with breathing
  • First talk in Berlin
  • “All exercises … can be divided into seven categories …”
  • “As it is with everything, so it is with movements …”
  • The actor
  • Creative art-associations
  • Questions and answers on art, etc.
  • God the Word
  • “Everywhere and always there is affirmation and negation …”
  • “It is impossible to be impartial …”
  • “Everything in the world is material …”
  • Answer to a question about the difference between animate and inanimate
  • “Working on oneself is not so difficult as wishing to work …”
  • “To all my questions …”
  • “Now I am sitting here …”
  • The two rivers
  • “There are two kinds of love …”
  • “Has free will a place in your teaching? …”
  • Fears-identification
  • “Man is subject to many influences …”
  • “Liberation leads to liberation …”


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